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Aidan Kathleen Jennings
11 January
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Name Aidan Kathleen Jennings

Year 2nd

House Gryffindor

Appearance Short, mouse blonde hair, grey eyes. Freckles here and there, taller, around 5'6"

History: Aidan isn't the biological child of Andre and Violet Jennings; she was adopted around five months old. Since then, to their surprise, they were able to have two biological children, Sarah and Georgia. The only thing in the "normal" muggle family other than Aidan being a witch is the mother has her "ups and downs". Other words, slight depression, but not bipolar like a cousin's aunt's mother's niece they don't really know other than she lives in Siberia...

Other traits Aidan herself isn't the best witch of her year, her grades range from average to bad, her best subject flying. She's a decent keeper but the Gryffindor team is full, but she hopes to take Ron Weasley's place after he graduates in her fourth year. She cna take insults lightly and is a bit too "stick up for myself"-like. Her idols of the moment are the artist Dean Thomas, Gryffindor and she basically wants to draw like him. Aww...